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Our team of experienced pilots specialise in Cinematic and FPV (first-person view) flying services for production companies, businesses and events.


We have a wealth of experience in capturing stunning aerial footage, such as flying through indoor spaces and chasing cars around race tracks. This makes us proficient to handle not only the demands of fast-paced, action-packed productions, but also slow and precise ones too.


FPV (first person view) flying is a dynamic style of flying, allowing you to capture fast, acrobatic shots, but also precise ones too such as flying through tight spaces. Rain is now a problem of the past as some of our selected FPV's are now waterproof. 


We are fast developing and are now able to offer live coverage from FPV drones.Take a look at the example to see what can be achieved. Get in contact to see how we could help your project!


Traditional drone flying has been around for around 10 years now, and has been the backbone of the drone industry. We have a wealth of experience in pulling off Cinematic footage and capturing that desired shot every time. Our set up allows for dual operation, meaning the pilot and the camera operator can work together to create unique shots. 


In addition to this, with every shoot comes safety. Therefore we are licensed here in the UK with the CAA and also in 50+ countries across Europe with the EASA. 10m Public Liability comes as standard unless higher requirements are needed.

There really is a drone for every job, that is why we have carefully hand picked/built our fleet of rigs to suit any challenging shoots that may be thrown at us.

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